Simeon Reno  
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Simeon Reno provides full renovation services with a special interest in

small and medium size jobs, and prepping homes for resale. Simple

improvements on a home for sale can increase the sale value by 5%. 

That’s $20 000 on a $400 000 condominium in the GTA; more on a

house.  These simple improvements could be any combination of paint, floor, simple wall repairs, tile work, all the way to a new kitchen and/or bathroom.

Our goal is to make your property look and feel better.  Our solutions always keep this in mind.

Estimates are free  

Simeon Reno

To do:
-Patch Walls
-Refinish Floors
-repair leaky faucet 
-Fresh Paint in Kitchen 
-Clean the carpet
-fix loose railing
-clean and paint closet interiors
Through our team of partners we  are also able to offer:

High quality Staging services
Stunning photography to show off your property

We can do it all:

Repair walls


Refinish/ lay floors

Handyman services

Kitchen and Bathroom


Update fixtures

...and much more!